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Nowadays, a good idea is no longer a sign of success. The Canadian food market is complex and requires a lot of knowledge.

At 2.0 Food we are here to support you in the development and in the marketing of your product.

clear message

With over 40,000 different products available in grocery stores, spreading the right message isn't always easy. This is why we support companies in designing a strong message to guarantee their success.

At 2.0 Food, we work with more than 40 different delivery partners who all have their specialty. Included in 2.0 Food's personalized service, we offer comprehensive partner management from coast to coast.

the right sales/distribution network

With an in-house graphics department, 2.0 Food offers a product development and packaging service that reflects market needs. Working hand in hand with the sales team, our experience not only allows us to develop an image adapted to the market but also one respecting Canadian food and safety standards.

the right image

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