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2.0 Food allows you to get your products to market quickly and easily. We work in collaboration with the largest Canadian distributors to offer effective solutions.

from the back door to the listing we will do everything to make your product a success

Whether you've been in business for 20 years or a few months, finding the right channel partner isn't easy. At 2.0 Food, we work with more than 40 different delivery partners who all have their specialty. Included in our personalized service, we offer comprehensive partner management from coast to coast.

distribution system adapted to your needs across Canada

The name 2.0 comes not only from the idea of improved service, but also from a completely 2.0 company. We have developed an effective tracking system to provide detailed reports tailored to today's reality.

program allowing daily monitoring of in-store visits

Obtaining authorizations from the head offices is often long and expensive, it is for this reason that for more than 4 years we have developed a flexible service that links authorized product and unlisted product. In other words, nothing will stop the sales team from delivering results that meet your expectations.

direct accessibility to market

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